SMC St. Louis Nabs Digital Crossroads Discount For Members

By Jason Falls

I’ll bet you never thought being a member of a sister organization in Louisville, Kentucky

would mean much to you, right? Well, allow me to try and dispel that notion.

Social Media Club of St. Louis has partnered with the Louisville Digital Association to

essentially make you a member of the LDA for a couple of days in October. Why is that

significant? Because it scores you a $50 discount — the member rate — for Digital

Crossroads, the LDA’s big, fall shin-dig complete with bourbon and blackjack!

Erik Qualman (Socialnomics, The Digital Leader), Jay Baer (Youtility, Hug Your Haters),

Tara Hunt (The Whuffle Factor) and Rick Wion (McDonald’s, The Kellogg Company)

headline a two-day digital marketing learning experience that is already becoming one of

the must-attend conferences in the region. Digital Crossroads takes place Thursday and

Friday, Oct. 20-21, 2016 at Horseshoe Southern Indiana Hotel & Casino, just across the

river from Louisville, Ky., and just a four-hour drive from St. Louis.


Hey? I’ve made the drive about once a month for two years working for Elasticity. Trust

me: It’s doable.


Here’s the kicker: Every ticket you buy for Digital Crossroads, benefits SMC St. Louis!

That’s right! You can help your organization just by attending a killer, two-day event. More

highlights of Digital Crossroads:

• The event will be co-hosted by award-winning broadcaster Jack Speer of NPR

• Thursday’s workshop sessions feature talks on data analysis and applications,

multimedia tips and tricks, how to achieve 4300% ROI on email marketing,

storytelling via snapchat, the rules of influencer marketing, local digital marketing

and social advertising

• Friday’s full-day conference also includes talks from Oracle’s David Hibbs, lead-gen

expert Nicole Hudson, cause marketing and PR rockstar Shonali Burke and

Michael Smith from Hearst Publications

• Breakfast and lunch Friday

• Cocktail events after both day’s sessions

• $10 in casino cash to enjoy Horseshoe Southern Indiana’s casino floor


Learn more at


And you get $50 off the full price. Tickets for the two-day event are just $249 for

members. There are also prices for just Thursday’s workshops (just $99) and Friday’s

one-day only pass ($199 for members). All you need to do is visit the ticket page here and

get your ticket while they are available.


The LDA is proud to partner with SMC St. Louis and can’t wait to see you Oct. 20-21 at

Digital Crossroads!

Summit 2016: The Highlights, The Speakers and What You'd Be Missing If You Stayed Home

This year, we decided to put together a half day summit for those of you who are interested in learning more about social media. Whether you wear all the hats at a small start up and now all of the sudden you’re supposed to be the social media guru (how’d that happen?) and you’re just trying to understand what the Twitter is or you’re juggling seven accounts at an agency, writing content in your sleep (coffee is life), this half day will be packed full of information nuggets for you. This Summit will happen on Tuesday, October 11th from 12-5pm at Moulin on Choteau. Reserve your ticket on our registration page!

Here’s what we’ve got. Come early and come hungry.

Check in, Lunch and Networking will start at noon. Hurry up and grab a bite before the Keynote Panel that starts at 12:30.

The panel will be moderated by Gary Pierson. On the Panel is: 


After enjoying that delicious chat, you have choices...
We will have two breakout rooms, each with different topics, spewing knowledge at you starting at 1:30pm.

1:30pm Breakouts

Setting Goals for Social Media: A Case Study of the St. Louis Fringe Festival
Brownyn Ritchie, Content Strategist, Timmerman Group - @brontchie


We have a twofur here.

A: Building a Business Case For Leadership
Patricia Crowe, Director of Marketing and Communication, St. Louis Art Museum


B: Components of A Social Media Strategy
Sam Moore, Online Communications Coordinator, Missouri History Museum @museumsamSTL

Beginning at 2:30, you have two great options … we know, it’s hard!

The Rise of Paid Social Media Advertising and Paid Social
Will Hanke, Chief Search Marketing Strategist, Red Canoe Media @techLH


A. Selecting the Right Channels for Social Media
Melanie Bernds, Director of Public Relations, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center


B. Evaluating New Social Media Platforms
Danielle Hohmeier, Online Marketing Manager, Atomicdust @daniellesmyname

It’s 3:30, and you guessed it, we’ve got more!

Social Selling: Managing Social Media for Marketing Roles vs Sales Roles
Beth Csengody, Assistant Vice President, Digital Strategy, Wells Fargo @beth_erin


Another Twofur.

A: Content Maxims on Social Media, Maryville Case Study
Chris Reimer, Associate Director of New Media, Maryville University @ChrisReimer


B: Teaching Others To Use Social Media
Cindy Price, Internet Marketing Specialist, Southeast Missouri State University @seriouslycindy

You’ll be glad you stuck around for the last session at 4:15. It’s a doozie.

Demonstrating ROI and Quantifying of the Results of Social Media Marketing
Presenter: Perry Drake, UMSL Digital @pddrake

Ran Mano, Staff Vice President, Digital Communications, Centene @ranmano
Erika Weber, Digital Strategist, Nestle Purina

Sharon Suchoval, Marketing Manager, Digital and Social Media, Perficient @sharonsuchoval
Nicki Powers, Head of Marketing, Oakwood Systems @nickipowers
Michael Halbrook, Senior Management, Adobe @Halbrook


Creating, Building and Profiting From Your Personal Brand
Brianna Smith, Integrated Marketing Manager, TeraRecon @brianna5mith

But, wait. There’s more! Now that you’re done learning, it’s time to celebrate and network! Happy Hour is 5pm sharp. Thanks to our sponsor, Verizon, for everyone’s favorite part...the networking, of course! Can't wait to see you there!

Reserve your ticket on our registration page!

Details: SMCSTL Social Summit is on Tuesday, October 11th from 12-5pm at Moulin on Chouteau.

Thank you to all of the sponsors for our Social Summit!

SMCSTL Board Updates - New Members

We are delighted to welcome Meaghan Anselm and Nichole Holzum as new members on the SMCSTL Board! Both of these professionals are fully engaged in the St. Louis digital community and we are delighted they've decided to join the board. They will work as part of our team to create events and value as a professional association for digital/social professionals in the St. Louis community.

Below are the photos and bios for our two new board members:


Nichole Holzum

Digital Marketing Strategists, Dierbergs Markets

Since Facebook was first created, back in the days where college emails were needed to access the site, Nichole Holzum took an early and avid interest in social media; particularly to the instantaneous connection to the world. From there, her love and curiosity of it, budded into a career in understanding the digital realm with a focus on social and content strategy, analytics and telling brand's stories in both the agency and corporate atmospheres. She looks forward to rolling up her sleeves and making an impact on St. Louis' Social Media Club.

Meaghan Anselm

Digital Manager, Weber Shandwick

Meaghan Anselm is a Digital Manager at Weber Shandwick. She has worked in both the corporate (Gannett Broadcasting and Nestle Purina) and agency worlds as a social media manager and influencer marketer for over 10 years. Meaghan has always called St. Louis home and is ready to help coordinate exciting events for the Social Media Club’s 2016-2017 season.

We are delighted to welcome Nichole and Meaghan to the board!
You can view our full list of board members on our website.

St. Louis Digital Symposium Recap and Soundbytes #STLdigsym

St. Louis Digital Symposium Recap and Soundbytes #STLdigsym

The St. Louis Digital Symposium is a half day event that allows you to get connected, enlightened and inspired with other digital creatives, marketers, agencies and clients.

#STLDIGSYM is presented by AdClubSTL along with organization partners 4As, 314 Digital and Social Media Club St. Louis. 

Don't Miss UMSL's State of Digital Media Marketing Conference 2015

The University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL) will host its third annual State of Digital Media Marketing 2015 Conference, April 16 & 17 at UMSL. There are plenty of reasons not to miss this conference, but here are our three favorites.

Imagine this on your wrist!

SMCSTL will give away an Apple Watch during the conference!

The Apple Watch ships on in May after the conference, so the winner will receive the watch in the mail.

A winner will be selected & announced on Friday afternoon, April 17th, and must be in attendance to win.

Keynote speaker Chris Brogan

He was listed by Forbes as one of the Must Follow Marketing Minds of 2014. Combining professional leadership development and business strategy.

He is CEO of Owner Media Group, a highly sought after professional speaker and the New York Times bestselling author. See him speak on Friday at the conference, and follow him @ChrisBrogan.


Over 40 speakers will be offering up their experiences and tips.

Thursday is the academic summit and social media workshops.

Friday is packed with keynote addresses, agency and brand innovations, the latest in digital and social media, technology advances and networking.

Follow the Speakers

This year, the lineup of speakers and panelists is doubly as impressive as last year's. UMSL has listed the speakers here on their website.

We also made a Twitter list of the speakers, so you can follow them easily in one place!

Hashtag Awesome

Don't forget to also follow the official conference hashtag #UMSLdigital before, during and after the conference for insights and highlights.

Register Today

Learn More About the Conference

Follow the Speakers at #UMSLdigital Conference 2015

UMSL's annual "State of Digital Media Marketing" conference is a who's who of digital marketing and technologies held each year at the University of MO St. Louis. 

This year, the lineup of speakers and panelists is doubly as impressive as last year's. UMSL has listed the speakers here on their website.

Follow the Speakers

We also made a Twitter list of the speakers, so you can follow them easily in one place!

Don't forget to also follow the official conference hashtag #UMSLdigital before, during and after the conference for insights and highlights.

Have You Registered?

Join us for the 3rd Annual State of Digital Media Marketing 2015 Conference, April 16 & 17 at UMSL for two full days of presentations and workshops. Learn More at

Watch Perry Drake and Angela LaRocca Talk about This Year's Conference

Meet the new @SMCSTL board members!

At the SMCSTL 2015 Kickoff event this past week at The Precinct in downtown St. Louis, we announced the election of three new board members to our board. We are thrilled to have them join us for a 6-month term this year as we plan events and do all the great things that SMCSTL board members do.

Welcome to the team!

Rebecca Dohrman

Assistant Professor of Communication at Maryville University | @rebeccadohrman

Rebecca's teaching and research interests focus on how organizations incorporate emerging technologies into work lives and organizational public relations and how organizations and industries in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) can recruit more women to study and pursue careers in these fields.

Jill Hampton

Digital Media Marketer at Wells Fargo Advisors | @JillSTL

Jill is a journalist and digital media professional currently focused on digital content strategy, assisting the marketing team’s transition to a new website, and mentor for digital writing at Wells Fargo Advisors.

Bethany Prange

Social Media Strategist, CASA of Southwestern Illinois | @BethanyPrange

Bethany manages social media for CASA of Southwestern Illinois, a nonprofit dedicated to helping children suffering from abuse or neglect. Prior to joining CASA, she was part of a three-person communications team at the 10th largest nonprofit in St. Louis. She managed all social media for the St. Louis Area Foodbank from 2010 to 2014. In 2011, she developed and launched an innovative team of professionals who serve as social media volunteers for the Foodbank.

 Our new board members at The Precinct, Wednesday, January 21st, 2015. Top row: Bethany Prange, Rebecca Dohrman and Gary Pierson; Middle row: Ashlyn Brewer and Jill Hampton; Bottom row: Vernon Ross and Erin Moloney

Our new board members at The Precinct, Wednesday, January 21st, 2015. Top row: Bethany Prange, Rebecca Dohrman and Gary Pierson; Middle row: Ashlyn Brewer and Jill Hampton; Bottom row: Vernon Ross and Erin Moloney

Our current board members:

Survey says the St. Louis social media community is engaged and active

I became the president of Social Media Club St. Louis about two and a half years ago. I took leadership from an excellent leader and friend, Brad Hogenmiller (@javastl). Brad and our board at the time, many of whom have since become advisors, felt strongly that we not charge for membership and that instead we let our fans and friends of SMCSTL speak for themselves as "members" of a new kind - as people who simply enjoy convening in St. Louis to network and learn about social media. Since then, I've noticed that our board has taken to calling our fans and friends the SMCSTL "community". Because we don't have "members" per se, we truly have fostered a "community" of friends.

The SMCSTL board respects, admires and values the SMCSTL community. The board meets monthly to discuss upcoming events and initiatives, and we're always talking about how to make those events more valuable and worthwhile for attendees. 

In late summer of 2014, our board conducted a survey of our community, and over 130 of you responded to the survey. 

Here, I would like to share with you some of the most interesting findings from that survey.

What types of events you are most interested in attending

When we asked you to rank the types of events you feel are more interesting to attend, you told us that educational events on a specific topic are most valuable. After that, Educational events focused on a specific social media outlet rank second. Then, you ranked the following events in order of importance: purely networking or happy hours, events featuring a national speaker, full or half-day conferences or workshops,  events connected to another St. Louis area event or institution or highlighting the St. Louis region as a whole, and then events benefiting local non-profits.

We asked:
Please force rank the following types of events, with 1 being the events you would be most interested in attending, and 8 being the events you would be least interested in attending.

What you're willing to pay to attend an SMCSTL event

We've hosted a variety of events in the past few years for which we've charged admission. We've charged anywhere from $5 to $55 admission, but we really wanted to know what you think about admission charges. What is our community willing to pay to come to an SMCSTL event? 

hen we asked, "For paid events, please indicate the amount that you feel is most reasonable for a networking event that includes some form of content / program such as a speaker or panel on a topic," the amount that ranked the best was $10 - $20. 

Where you want to attend events

One of the biggest challenges our board has faced is in deciding where to host events. For many years, we had to decide if and how often to have events in St. Charles, MO, and we've always struggled with where in St. Louis city or county is most convenient to attract the large percentage of our community. We've hosted events on Washington Avenue, in the heart of downtown St. Louis, in Soulard, the Grove, Clayton, University City, Creve Coeur, Chesterfield, South County and more. When we asked you in this survey where you prefer to attend events, we got the following answers in order:

  1. Inner-ring suburbs (Maplewood, Webster Groves, University City, etc.)
  2. St. Louis City (Downtown)
  3. West County
  4. South County
  5. North County

Another development that has happened in the past year or so is the creation and growth of our sister chapter, Social Media Club St. Charles (@SMCSTC). We will continue to look for opportunities to partner with SMCSTC, but we're also thrilled that they are here, under solid leadership, to focus on events and knowledge sharing among the social media fans and followers who live in and around St. Charles County. 

Let us know what you think any time by submitting feedback on our website, or tweet at us @SMCSTL

Be sure to subscribe to receive updates about upcoming events here. 

Buzzfeed's Ze Frank advises St. Louis media pros to "crush on humanity"

Buzzfeed's Ze Frank advises St. Louis media pros to "crush on humanity"

Ze Frank spoke to media and marketing professionals in St. Louis on Monday, July 14th, 2014. 

Social content is reliant on culture, the individual's background and history. So as marketers interested in creating popular content that gets shared, we have to figure out how to create content that plays to those individuals' culture, background and history. 

Ze encouraged his audience to look for the "small subtleties of being a human in a very different way." And this is something that Buzzfeed is very, very good at.

Crowdfunding –Three Tactics to Move From Dreamer to Doer

With #CrowdFundSTL on June 3, moderator Travis Sheridan shares three tactics for crowdfunders

Guest Blog By Travis Sheridan

 Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Dreamers get all the press. They create amazing renderings, flashy PowerPoint decks, engaging videos full of promises, and a vision that is contagious. They know how to sell an idea. They often fail at implementation.

Doers are pretty quiet. They aren’t media darlings. They seek manageable projects that have a clear impact. Maybe they have a limited vision, but they are willing to trade that for clear action. They often fail at inspiration.

Crowdfunding requires a balance of the two personalities. The best approach is to find a way to establish yourself as a Doer who has the ability to turn dreams into reality. Be a Dreamer who wakes up ready to put in the work.

Tactic #1: Small Wins

If this is a new approach for you, start small and establish credibility. Find a way to do something awesome for less than $1,000. Make it visible and engaging. You will build a track record of success and people will be more willing to “invest” in your next project.

Tactic #2: Transparency

People love process. They love a behind the scenes look at a journey. Take them along for the ride. Share frustrations and success. Say “Thank you” and “I’m sorry” whenever necessary. Be honest about timelines and set realistic deliverables.

Tactic #3: Updates and Impact

Close the loop with your backers and supporters. If it is a product launch, let them know how they helped propel the business. If it is a social good type of effort, talk about the big picture impact the project made.

Crowdfunding is a great way to increase awareness and early adoption of a brand or product, but it is also a way to cause early damage. People hate dreams that become nightmares. However, people love folks who are good at getting shit done. Be a Doer, not a Dreamer. 

All About Corey: Strange Donuts' co-owner to speak at #CrowdfundSTL

All About Corey: Strange Donuts' co-owner to speak at #CrowdfundSTL

On June 3, Social Media Club of St. Louis will host an event with a discussion panel at Perennial Artisan Ales to discuss social media strategies that work - and some that don't - for crowdfunding campaigns. Local crowdfunders Corey Smale (@Strange Donuts), Jamey Stegmaier (@JameyStegmaier) and Matt Sebek (@MattSebek) will serve on a panel, along with Rally Saint Louis's own Aaron Perlut. 

Winners for #STLSocialGood Ticket Giveaway Announced!

Winners for #STLSocialGood Ticket Giveaway Announced!

By Danni Eickenhorst

Earlier this week, we announced a giveaway for #STLSocialGood Conference Tickets. The half day conference will focus on social + digital strategy for non-profits & small businesses - how to build brand awareness + motivate your followers to elevate your organization. We challenged our followers to share how they are using social for good in 100 words or less and we received some truly compelling entries. 

Thanks to everyone who shared their story. We are proud of the work that you're doing and so thankful you're a part of SMCSTL! if you shared your story prior to midnight Thursday evening on our Facebook page or blog and did not win, please email me by Monday at for a code good for HALF PRICE tickets

Local Professional Organization, Social Media Club, to Host St. Louis Summit on How Social Media Benefits Community Organizations

Local Professional Organization, Social Media Club, to Host St. Louis Summit on How Social Media Benefits Community Organizations

“Many organizations don’t know where to start and feel overwhelmed by the many social networks out there,” said Erin Moloney, President of SMCSTL and Director of Digital and Social Media Marketing at St. Louis-based technology consulting firm, Perficient, Inc. “We see a lot of compelling things being done by community organizations using social media. We wanted to bring those people together to tell their stories and offer tips and guidance to St. Louis non-profit marketers and leaders.”

At the half-day conference, local leaders will present their experiences and discuss how non-profit organizations can most effectively harness the power of social media in their marketing efforts.