Sponsorship Information

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SMCSTL hosts meet-ups that at times consists of a:

  1. A featured speaker
  2. A panel of speakers chosen to discuss how social media is shaping their industry
  3. SMCSTL’s sponsorship of another group or individual’s event
  4. A happy hour for networking.

Examples of recent speaker/panel topics:

  • Brands Taking Political Positions
  • The 2016 Election
  • Personal Branding and Social Media
  • Photojournalism
  • Podcasting

SMCSTL also at times teams up with local organizations to support local events, St. Louis based social media experts, authors or nationally known authors or speakers who have launched a book relevant to social media and will be stopping in Saint Louis as part of their tour.

The SMCSTL Community:

  • 2,400+ email subscribers
  • Extremely active community of 10,000+ followers of @SMCSTL on Twitter (though most promotion of SMCSTL events via Twitter is led by its involved community and board members, usually via the #SMCSTL hashtag)
  • A community page with 3,000+ likes on Facebook


  • 56% Female, 44% Male
  • 40% ages 25-34
  • 31% ages 35-44

Publicity Includes:

  • Event Promotion via e-mail
  • Email Blast OR option to collect registrations
  • Mentions on Facebook
  • Tweets before, during and after the event to our active #SMCSTL community
  • Signage at the Event

Sponsorship Types:

  1. Visibility to our Audience
  2. Host our Event at Your Location
  3. Signage and Support

Examples of Venues Used in Past:

  • Vin de Set, Moulin Events
  • OLIO
  • Schlafly Brew House & Schlafly Tap Room
  • Kirkwood Brewing Company

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