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SideraWorks Beta Workshop Roadshow: Mastering Smart Communication & Collaboration for a Digital World

  • Lab1500 Entrepreneurial Center 1500 Washington Ave. Ste 100 St. Louis, MO 63103 USA (map)

Experience a SideraWorks workshop for a fraction of the price and develop your professional skills in social media, community management, and collaboration.

The Workshop:

Talk Savvy: Mastering Smart Communication & Collaboration for a Digital World

Today’s professionals are at the crossroads of pivotal change in the business world. The culture of the web and technology has fundamentally changed the way we communicate, both personally and professionally. We have the opportunity -- and the responsibility -- to spark change, to embrace and understand this new digital world, and to learn to become expert communicators and collaborators, because that is the skillset for the future professional.

In short: we need to be more than just tech savvy. We need to be Talk Savvy.

Who's It For?

Professionals who want to master online communication and collaboration as a skill, no matter the tool or platform.

This dynamic workshop will give you a solid foundation for communicating, interacting, and participating as a sophisticated digital citizen, both individually or as part of a large organization.

What Will I Learn?

We’ll talk about everything from our roles as change agents in our companies to mastering that tricky balance between our personal and professional selves online.

You’ll also learn:


  • The profile and characteristics of today’s most successful professionals

  • Why social isn’t about the latest technology, but about human nature

  • The critical importance of building internal community wherever you work

  • The single skill that will set today’s professionals apart

  • How emotional intelligence drives smart online communication

Please note that attendance is strictly limited. Do not wait to get your ticket. REGISTER HERE