Become a Sponsor for the #STLSocialGood Conference!

By Danni Eickenhorst (@STLDanni)


Just announced - Social Media Club is partnering with ready + willing for the #STLSocialGood Conference to be held February 6, 2013 at the Danforth Center. We are seeking sponsor partners to help elevate this conference - to bring tools to young professionals and non-profits seeking to amplify their messages with minimal resources and time. 


  1. Engage up to 300 young marketing professionals, social media influencers and non-profit professionals with your interactive booth/presentation space. 
  2. Amplify your message through the #STLSocialGood event attendees across social media to an estimated 300,000+ social media users.*
  3. Attract brands and networks of relevant hyper-social influencers
  4. Brand Awareness & Recognition – your organization will gain critical exposure & credibility
  5. Business Development – your organization will have the opportunity to develop valuable relationships with new partners/clients and deepen existing relationships.


All sponsorship levels listed below will have the opportunity to have a table in the lobby of the event. There will be extended breaks between sessions where attendees will be encouraged to visit with tables for more information and resources. All sponsors who choose to have a table must provide useful take-aways for our attendees and an interactive experience to add interest to the vendor area.

Looking for other options within a specific budget or reaching a particular audience? Let's talk. Fill out our sponsorship form and let us know how you'd like to be involved.

Education Sponsorship:
Underwrite a discount code for local marketing students to attend the event at a reduced cost. The amount of the discount is flexible. We will promote on social media and via a targeted email blast to local universities and students with your logo and links. We will include your logo on-screen at the event as well. 

Non-Profit Sponsorship:
Underwrite a discount code for local non-profit professionals and United Way members to attend the event at a reduced cost.We will promote on social media and via a targeted email blast to local universities and students with your logo and links. We will include your logo on-screen at the event as well. 

Networking Sponsor:
We hope to host a one-hour happy hour at the conclusion of the event. The Networking Sponsor would underwrite a portion or all of the cost of the happy hour and would receive prominent recognition during the networking session, throughout the event, on social media and all event materials. This sponsorship level would have the opportunity to have a table at the event as well. 

Interested in sponsoring #STLSocialGood? Fill out our sponsor interest form and an SMCSTL board member will be in touch soon!

*Estimated, based on historic hashtracking trends.


Danni Eickenhorst

Growing up, I was easily the most intense and passionate kid in my small town. If I wasn’t walking the streets with a mason jar to raise funds for the MDA telethon or a family in need, I was advocating for a 5K or some other cause that tugged my heartstrings – that I was sure I could impact. Back then, I wasn’t necessarily tactful or overtly strategic – but I was successful in winning the hearts and minds of the people around me and getting them involved in making a difference too. I like to think that its that same bright-eyed optimism that’s gotten me to where I am today – the unwavering belief that if I can share the story that I believe in, others will get on board and help further the cause. Today, I am a marketing consultant specializing in digital and social strategy for non-profits, the public sector and small businesses. I’ve been fortunate in my career to play an active role in making the St. Louis region a better place to live through my work with Great Rivers Greenway, Bike St. Louis, The Trestle, The Salvation Army, United Way of Greater St. Louis and others. For the highlights, look below for my portfolio of work. I also serve as a board member for Social Media Club of St. Louis. In this capacity, I am presently overseeing the launch of a new event specifically targeted to help non-profits utilize social and digital media to develop brand ambassadors, and to help them reach and exceed their fundraising goals. Today, you will still find me mobilizing people for the causes I care most about – but I’ve retired my mason jar, and mastered the digital sphere. Instead of standing on a soapbox, I’m coordinating major media attention. Instead of holding lemonade stands to raise funds, I’m writing powerful content and working with some of the best minds in the region to see that change is realized. You know the saying… “The more things change…”